Stage Lighting

Dimmer circuits
3kw x 612, 4kw x 78, 6kw x 110, Total 800 circuits
Dimmer (Matsumura Fantasy 701)
Preset fader: 100x3 faders
Channel: 1,500 channels
Scene memory: 1,000 scenes
Sub-fader: 40 faders
Lighting equipment
Lighting bridge (proscenium), Lighting bridge 1,2,3, Lighting fly duct, Middle sky cyclorama light, Sky cyclorama light, Far sky cyclorama light, Open/close ground row light, Portal tower light, Sidelight batten, Proscenium sidelight, Front sidelight, Conductor light, Proscenium light 1,2 Ceiling light 1,2
Lighting instrument
various types of instrument
Special lighting instrument
PANI projector spotlights (4kw x 2, 1.2kw x 2), 4kw HMI spotlight x 2, Follow spotlights: 3kw x 4 (Follow spotlight room), 1kw x 2 (Front side), 500w x 2 (Stage)

Video Equipment

Video projector, Overhead projector (OHP), Slide projector

Sound Equipment

Sound equipment
Mixing console (WR-C500/32), Full digital mixing console, Sub-mixer, Foldback mixer, Proscenium speakers (center, right, left), Side column speakers, Movable speakers (large, medium, small), Microphones (various types)
Communication equipment
Intercome system, Talkback system, Sign-lamp system, Monitoring equipment (sound system and video system)

Loading Dock

Loading dock (Loading gate)
4.2m (H) x 7.5m (W) x 10.5m (D)
Parking space (Truck yard)
Outdoor: 4 eleven-ton trucks
Indoor (in loading dock): 2 eleven-ton trucks

Dressing Rooms and Rehearsal Room

Dressing rooms

Private dressing room x 4, Small dressing room x 2, Medium dressing room x 2, Large dressing room x 5, Rehearsal room's dressing room x 1

Rehearsal room

Rehearsal room x 1 (280m2)

Other rooms

Backstage office, Green room, Medical-aid room, Organizer's office, Staffroom x 2