Event Types

The horseshoe design of AUBADE HALL's five-story theater pulls in each seat close to the stage, focusing attention where it should be: on the performance itself.
Adjustable seating accommodates a range of uses, from operas (1,650 seats) and concerts (1,800 seats) to conventions (2,200 seats).
From the moment you sit in the signature purple-gray seats, you too become part of the action.

Total seating capacity
2,200 seats (5 floors in 4 levels)
Seating capacity of each floor
1F & 2F seats (including 8 wheelchair seats): 1,156 (Orchestra pit seats: 134)
3F seats: 316
4F seats: 346
5F seats: 382

Seating Plans

Adjustable seating accommodates a wide range of events from theater dramas to large conventions.

Type 1

1,684 seats (5F closed and the orchestra pit utilized)

Type 2

1,818 seats (5F closed and the orchestra pit seats utilized)

Type 3

2,200 seats (5F and orchestra pit seats utilized)