If you want to fully enjoy a variety of events at AUBADE HALL, please join ASNET, which is the membership system, for your convenience. There are various benefits for ASNET members such as discount on ticket price and advance ticket sale.

What is ASNET?

ASNET stands for “art supplying network.” This is a membership system for the Citizens Arts Administration Center of Toyama to support members who enjoy artistic events. Our events are held at unique locations, such as AUBADE HALL and Toyama Simin Plaza Ensemble Hall. ASNET supports those events with its variety of services such as an information service and discount ticket sales.

Members Benefit

  1. Advance ticket sale
    For events listed by ASNET, members can buy tickets in advance. Ticket reservation by phone is available.
  2. Discount on ticket price
    As for the tickets listed by ASNET, members may buy up to 4 per performance or event at a 10% discount.
  3. Ticket-by-Mail service
    Tickets fees are automatically withdrawn from members' bank accounts and purchased tickets are sent to member's house by mail without any postal fee.
  4. Information service
    Event information including advance ticket sale dates is sent to members by the information magazine “mite mite.”
  5. Admission fee & annual membership fee
    No admission fee is required. For the first year, no annual membership fee is required.

ASNET Card Annual Membership Fee

ASNET JCB Card members
¥2,500/member (¥1,600/family member) ASNET JCB Card offers various functions and services of JCB card.

ASNET House Card members
¥1,800/member aged 18 or older (except for those who are high school students)